Delicious Carrot Cake – Perfect for Birthdays!

Yummy carrot cake from Hummingbird Bakery full recipe | #carrotcake #baking #recipe


If you have read other posts of mine recently then you will know that I have been experimenting with healthy baking a lot in my quest for my ultimate bikini body! However, you can’t force healthy baking on others especially on their birthday so I cracked out one of my favourite recipes recently for my Dad’s birthday – The Hummingbird Bakery’s Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting. This is one seriously yummy (and simple to make) cake, I have shared the recipe below. Happy baking!  Continue reading

Keeping your house clean and tidy (when you work full-time)


Tips for keeping your house clean #cleaningtips #cleaning #tips

I don’t know about you but on a Monday after a whole weekend’s worth of TLC and attention our home always looks fab.  Come Friday evening however it can be a different story and when we really just want to collapse and relax all I can see is mess and it’s just not conducive to chilling. So here are the tips that I follow for a clutter free and sparkling clean home all week (when you work full time). Share your own tips for a tidy/clean home in the comments section too!  Continue reading

Gym week in review

Get yourself motivated. Bikini body at the ready. | Lifestyle Blog

Last week was pretty successful in terms of where I want to be with workouts. After starting a new job in September I had to get into my new routine and also learn to suck up the fact that I needed to sacrifice sleep in order to hit the gym. But if I am going to get my ultimate bikini body before 30 I’m going to have to put the effort in! I also gave up alcohol for Lent (plus another week) which made me feel a lot better, saved a lot of calories and a lot of cash. I will be keeping up the limited alcohol, I really don’t miss it. I had a couple of glasses of good white wine at the weekend with a friend and my husband but it wasn’t the “yay wine!” feeling that I had thought when I originally gave it up – I’d probably rather save the calories (shocking, I know!) Anyway, here is my workout diary and thoughts from last week.   Continue reading

Weekend in the Shire

Spring is in the air in the Shire

I absolutely love Spring. There’s something about this particular change in the seasons that I find really hopeful. With spring the year is still gearing up, you still have 75% of the year left to achieve your goals and the longer days are like a gift to help you do it. A bit like Christmas time too, I find Easter will naturally make me reflect and be thankful for everything I have in my life.  Such a positive attitude therefore really lead to a productive long Easter break weekend, bliss! We got so much done in the cottage, made some decisions about what we want to achieve next and spent some really good quality time together, let me tell you about it.  Continue reading

Five Mistakes You’re Making in the Gym!

You need to read this! 5 Mistakes you're making in the gym by Notes from the Shire.

I love working out and trying new exercises, having something different to try out can really make me look forward to a workout. Therefore, as you might imagine, I have spent a lot of time in the gym and learned from a fair few mistakes! I’ve also observed and been told about a few whoppers. I am not a personal trainer (disclaimer!) but I have picked up a few tips from my ten years (and counting) in the gym, so here are 5 mistakes that I regularly see people making or have made myself in the past.  Continue reading