The pre-30 Pressure List

All the things you *think* you should do before you're 30|The pre-30 pressure list|

I just celebrated my 29th birthday… Last birthday of my twenties and last year of my twenties. I have many friends who have either turned or are turning 30 this year and unanimously there seems to be a bit of a mental block about this particular birthday, but why? It seems to me that the general consensus (rightly or wrongly) is that your 20’s are for fun but you need to have your life in order by your 30’s – queue the late-twenty-something-panic! Continue reading

Getting summer skin ready!

Summer skincare routine. Cleanser and cleansing brush review.

One of my best friends raves about her exfoliating face brush (hear from her below!) and I had always been keen to try one so I was super happy when Magnitone asked me to review their new Magnitone Lucid skincare brush! The lucid comes in a range of colours (blue, pink, yellow and green) but I am having a major green moment so it was green all the way for me. It also looks very cute in our bathroom, which has green splashes – handy!

I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to my skincare routine so this was another brilliant excuse to mix things up a bit and at the same time I’ve felt my skin could be clearer so there was no better time to try this out. My normal routine is to use Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser but I’ve found that once you wash the cloths once they lose their ooomph and my skin doesn’t feel so tingly/clean.I do still love the actual cleansers though, especially when there is a limited edition to try out, and their stuff is all natural so it’s great for sensitive skin.   Continue reading

Three Things Thursday


It’s three things Thursday again, where I like to join in with Salma from the Write Balance with the three things that I have been thinking about this week.

1. Travelling
I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to explore some really interesting corners of our planet. My biggest adventure was probably the months I spent travelling around the Middle East (Egypt to Jordan to Syria to Lebanon [back to Jordan] to Israel and back to Egypt). I look back on this trip the most because now it is impossible to do the route due to the conflict raging in Syria. I often think about the people I met on that trip and wonder what has happened to them, I hope their country will find peace again soon.

I really believe that everybody should travel and explore our planet, Continue reading

101 Tips for Safe and Smooth Travel

Some really good ideas in here! 101 Travel Tips|

I love travelling and I have been lucky enough to have ventured to some really diverse corners of our world. I’ve travelled for business, with family, with friends and alone, I’ve therefore learned by experience some real travel do’s and don’ts and this is my list of how to travel safely and smoothly. The list read in a oner may make travelling sound a bit scary/dodgy but this is just tips from years of different travel experiences from luxury travel to backpacking on a shoestring, you’re unlikely to need to adhere to all of these tips on each and every trip you take, so don’t be put off it’s not meant to be scary just helpful! Go pack a bag! (there’s tips for that too…)  Continue reading

Healthy Macaroons for Snacking

Healthy and yummy coconut and banana macroons - ideal for taking to work for snacks. #healthybaking #healthysnacks |










Last week I shared a distinctly unhealthy but absolutely (even if I say so myself) delicious recipe for carrot cake – yum. This week it is back to some healthy baking and snacks, OK less fun but more helpful when it comes to the ultimate bikini body challenge!

The recipe for these is pretty much the same as the one I posted here but with a few tweaks!

When I first made this recipe I noticed how stiff the mixture was and thought “hmm I bet they could be moulded into macaroon shape!” – I was right! Here’s the simplified recipe and method:  Continue reading