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As you may know if you have read my blog for a while, I work in comms/PR. Therefore, you may have guessed, I love brands. Not in a “I only wear labels” way, ick. Rather in an, obsess over packaging, font, presentation, design way. Having recently returned from a visit to the US and indulged in a spree in the shops of one of my latest brand obsessions so I wanted to share the design aspects of “stuff” that makes my little heart sing :). 

One of my favourite coffee table books to dip into and one that actually sits on my desk at work is Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands by Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi. The book discusses what makes us loyal to brands and what makes us love them, sometimes when we don’t even own or never will own something from the brand – anybody remember Joey’s Porsche made out of boxes in Friends?!Love marks

Anyway, for me brands that I love are tactile. They make “stuff” that I just want to touch. It could even just be their packaging or logo but if I want to touch it and (importantly) own it because of this then they are in. For example, Starbucks, I find their coffee a bit meh BUT I LOVE that logo, I love the design of their cups. It’s almost like Steve Jobs designed them, they are simple and they are smooth.  Similarly, I love the design of the original Coca – Cola bottles and the simplicity of the logo – I would never choose Pepsi.

This all leads me on to my latest obsession, Kate Spade. Logo? Love it. A spade. Simple and often in glitzy gold so it has that magpie appeal. Some of her stuff is too cutesy or too impractical for me iPhone cover (back to this in a sec) that’s shaped like a banana? Nope, not for me, bulky and not useful. But sleek bags with chunky zips, cute pouches with a fun pattern and clever details? Sold. Love.

The iPhone cover thing? I mentioned Steve Jobs above, design genius. I love Apple products and my iPhone 6s is my most favourite tech possession of all time. However, as scared as I am of dinging its sleek, smooth exterior I will not put a cover on it. In their natural state iPhones are tactile, sleek and fun to play with. Slap a case on them and you lose something.

Something else that I picked up recently comes from the more high street-design end of the scale, Paperchase. I am a huge stationery nerd. I could spend hours in a stationery shop so when I had a £5 bonus courtesy of Paperchase for my birthday I couldn’t wait to shop their new ranges. I found this fab ‘list book’. I loved the colours and the fact that it had labels but the clincher was the pouch with the toggle closure. Remember when the Macbook Air first came out? It appeared in an envelope that closed the same way and I was in awe. And it all comes back to Apple again, that attention to detail, there was no way that Mac was being displayed in a bog standard sticky envelope. Nope. Tactile and details.


Macbook air

When you find a lovemark it obviously invades all aspects of your life and your design preferences.

Do you have a favourite brand? What is it and why?







Photo Credit for Starbucks Cup: Rebecca Crebs licensed under Creative Commons via flickr.

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