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It’s summer in Scotland and this year I am very thankful for some wonderful warm weather and some very sunny days. We’ve had a record number of BBQs at the cottage, even cooking out multiple times after work, and have sometimes worn shorts and t-shirts – a rare occurrence! However we’ve also had some cooler days when it’s been hard not to think about autumnal clothes and activities.  It’s also been hard not to dread the shortening days and dark mornings/evenings once you pass the longest day so my husband and I have started reminding each other of the nice things we enjoy about the changing seasons. If you’re dreading longer nights too then read on, this post is for you! 

1. Candle light

Much as we dread the waking up in the pitch black and walking home from work in the dark too when it’s dark outside there’s nothing like lighting your favourite A/W scent candle and/or lighting a fire in the grate to ward off winter blues! We’re looking forward to snuggling up under tartan blankets with the dog snoring loudly and a cup of something warm in hand!

This year we’ve also decided we will invest in a SAD lamp – a lamp that replicates natural sunlight, we will either use this when we are making dinner in the kitchen or exercising – see below!

2. Autumn walks

Once the seasons have truly clicked there’s nothing quite like heading out for an autumn walk hand-in-hand, breathing in that cooler air, hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot and the honk of geese overhead. Autumn has to be the prettiest season in Scotland (with strong competition from Spring) and we love to take advantage of the changing leaves to head to one of our favourite haunts and have a picnic in the car after a walk through the falling leaves.

To make sure we are getting that evening endorphin hit even when it’s too dark for after work walks (try saying that really fast three times;) this year we are investing in a couple of turbo trainers so that we can bring our road bikes inside and cycle for 30mins, possibly in the glow of our SAD lamp!


3. Autumn picnics

I mentioned this one above but picnics are so good they are worth a double mention! Picnics are not just for the warmer months. If you’re willing to brave an outdoor picnic pack up some hot water bottles, lots of blankets and layers and head to your favourite spot. Alternatively pack up your favourite picnic treats and jump in the car, we love a good car picnic – I complain too much when I get cold! We’ll treat ourselves to some picnic goodies from Marks and Spencer like hog roast sausage rolls and pork pies (not a normal part of our diet).

4. Decorating the house

You may have noticed from previous posts that I love to change up our home-decor to fit the season but apart from fresh flowers I wasn’t too inspired by summer this year – too much to do outside! However, I find Autumn incredibly inspiring and love to mix up the decorative touches around our home.

With the darker nights too, Autumn is perfect for little craft projects when you really don’t want to be outside.

5. Autumn clothes

Living in Scotland (and being permanently cold) I find it hard to get excited about Spring/Summer outfits – if I wear shorts/a summery dress here the likelihood that I will be cold is very high and I’ll then have to change! However, I do know how to dress for Autumn and I love it! I love that it’s not too cold that you need a massive coat, scarf, hat and gloves. In this season you can still get away with a cute outfit and  just throw on a cute light coat or body warmer so most of your outfit can be seen – in winter not so much for me!

6. Autumn dates

Our year of dates is going really well and we’ve done some really different activities, I’ll do a post on that in December, but when the days are long and warm you just want to be outside so we’re looking forward to autumn dates where we can check out the latest film or do a restaurant hop.


7. Pumpkin carving

This kind of falls into number 4 but is a bit more of a specific tradition. Every year since we started dating my husband and I have selected a pumpkin to carve. We shop for it together and then my husband carves whilst I watch with a glass of wine in hand – perfect division of labour ;) We love placing them around the house and putting them outside for Halloween.

8. Cold weather food and drinks

We’re Brits so we drink hot tea all year around but when the clocks go back and the seasons click it’s time to crank it up a notch! Last year we bought some copper mugs and enjoyed sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows and drinking mulled juice from our special mulling mugs! Yes we are those people and yes it was actually as idyllic as it sounds! There’s also certain foods that only work at certain times of year (don’t get me started on cold salads in winter!) When there’s just darkness outside your window there’s something very comforting about a bowl of homemade lentil soup or a traditional toad-in-the-hole with rich gravy accompanied by a glass of wine (this is also why I keep exercising like crazy through the darker months – thank goodness for HIIT training!).

9. The films and box set binging

There are some films which are totally seasonal (not just Home Alone) for us it’s not Autumn or Halloween without a Sunday afternoon showing of Hocus Pocus. Time to crack out the skinny popcorn and light the fire!

As well as seasonal films there’s nothing quite like a rainy-cold day to remove any guilt you might feel at spending quality time with the TV! My husband has already stocked up on a boxset of BlueBloods which we will be breaking into once the skies darken!

10. Discover new recipes and bake together

When the sun is splitting the sky in Scotland you don’t want to be inside – it may not be back for weeks – but when it’s howling a gale and the sleet is trying to get inside it’s time to crack out the KitchenAid and scales and get baking or cooking . My husband and I are both keen cooks and he enjoys eating my baking so we really like to spend weekends trying out new recipes and flicking through our growing collection of cookery books.

I’m now off outside to soak up the sun but if you were starting to worry about the changing seasons I hope this has reminded you of all the good things that Autumn brings too! Please share your own tips for Autumn fun/activities in the comments section below and if you’ve enjoyed this article please select one of the images below to pin! Thank you,







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