An Autumn Bucket List

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It’s summer in Scotland and this year I am very thankful for some wonderful warm weather and some very sunny days. We’ve had a record number of BBQs at the cottage, even cooking out multiple times after work, and have sometimes worn shorts and t-shirts – a rare occurrence! However we’ve also had some cooler days when it’s been hard not to think about autumnal clothes and activities.  It’s also been hard not to dread the shortening days and dark mornings/evenings once you pass the longest day so my husband and I have started reminding each other of the nice things we enjoy about the changing seasons. If you’re dreading longer nights too then read on, this post is for you!  Continue reading

Spring and Easter Decor For Your Home

Decorating your home for spring and Easter

If you’ve followed this blog for a while or even just glanced at the theme of a few posts then you will know that I love to update our home’s decor to reflect the season. This post is all about adding Spring and Easter decor touches to brighten up your home and welcome in the new season.

I absolutely love spring so most of the updates I make are just bunches and bunches of beautiful tulips, freesias, irises, ranunculus and daffodils! However I do like to get a bit crafty and make new displays so here are a couple of things I have done.  Continue reading

Working out first thing – my morning routine

how to work out in the morning

One of the most popular and most pinned posts on this blog is “how to become a morning person”, which I take to mean a lot of people out there would like to be better at getting out of bed in the morning! This is kind of a follow on post from that, it’s an update on how I handle early mornings and how I fit in a workout first thing when my energy is at its best (yes that is 0630…) Continue reading

One great holiday and reflections on 30!

bday collage

We have just got back from a trip to Florida for my 30th (eeek, actually not so scary) birthday. We had a fab time and I thought I would share some snapshots of that holiday and a reflection on 30!

These are just a few pics from our trip. One day we had a breakfast in the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom with Winnie the Pooh and friends, as it was my birthday trip they brought me a card and a birthday cupcake! How cute – bit emosh! Stuart, my husband, had also ordered me a wonderful cake for my actual birthday, right on theme too. What a guy. On my actual birthday we had an excellent meal at one of our favourite restaurants in the world, not just Disney World, and our waiter sang me happy birthday and brought this cute dessert. So kind. The main pic is me and Stu in Hollywood Studios – being photobombed by my dad! It was such a great trip and a really good way to spend the last days of my 20’s and the first days of my 30’s.  If you want to read more about our WDW holiday then you can check out my trip report on the Disney Tourist Blog forum here. In the end turning 30 wasn’t such a big deal and it has made me reflect recently on all the stuff I will be happy to leave in that last decade… Continue reading

Updates from the Shire


I’d taken a short sabbatical from the blog but I’m back! I’ve been over on Instagram though so you can follow me there. Anyway I have quite a few updates including, a Fabletics review, an update on my bikini body mission, what I’m reading, some craft ideas that I’ve put together/done in the cottage and some recipes – just finding the time to get it all in the blog!

This is a super micro-blog but above are a few things I have been up to recently, Christmas with our families, working out, stacking logs and skiing!



Keeping your house clean and tidy (when you work full-time)


Tips for keeping your house clean #cleaningtips #cleaning #tips

I don’t know about you but on a Monday after a whole weekend’s worth of TLC and attention our home always looks fab.  Come Friday evening however it can be a different story and when we really just want to collapse and relax all I can see is mess and it’s just not conducive to chilling. So here are the tips that I follow for a clutter free and sparkling clean home all week (when you work full time). Share your own tips for a tidy/clean home in the comments section too!  Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

I’m joining in with Salma from the Write Balance with Three Things Thursday this week and sharing three things I have been doing/thinking about this week.

1. Spring is in the air.

I love when the seasons change. I wouldn’t say that I had a favourite season, I love aspects of all of them, but I do love when the days lengthen and the smell of spring is in the air. I also really enjoy seeing the spring flowers coming up. When I lived in Edinburgh for years I looked forward to seeing the cherry blossom appear on the avenues and the crocuses appear on the Meadows walks, gorgeous. These days, arriving home and seeing our crocuses blossoming in the pots by our front door really makes me smile.  Lovely.

Spring collage with writing

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