Three Things Thursday


I thought it would be good to join in with Salma on Three Things Thursday again this week! So here are three things that I have been thinking about this week. You can join in with Three Things Thursday too, find out more on Salma’s blog The Write Balance.

1. Spring Cleaning. On last week’s Three Things Thursday, I blogged about how I love the changing seasons and how beautiful spring is. With that in mind I was in full spring clean mode at the Cottage in the Shire this weekend. The front door, back door and windows are now sparkling clean and really lifted the front of the house. However, spring also brought some little horrors into our house – ants! Nightmare! So I also spent a lot of time trying to find where they were coming from and trying to discourage them from the house. This meant I didn’t get to do another batch of healthy baking but the house is sparkling and ant free for now…  Continue reading