An Autumn Bucket List

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It’s summer in Scotland and this year I am very thankful for some wonderful warm weather and some very sunny days. We’ve had a record number of BBQs at the cottage, even cooking out multiple times after work, and have sometimes worn shorts and t-shirts – a rare occurrence! However we’ve also had some cooler days when it’s been hard not to think about autumnal clothes and activities.  It’s also been hard not to dread the shortening days and dark mornings/evenings once you pass the longest day so my husband and I have started reminding each other of the nice things we enjoy about the changing seasons. If you’re dreading longer nights too then read on, this post is for you!  Continue reading

Working out first thing – my morning routine

how to work out in the morning

One of the most popular and most pinned posts on this blog is “how to become a morning person”, which I take to mean a lot of people out there would like to be better at getting out of bed in the morning! This is kind of a follow on post from that, it’s an update on how I handle early mornings and how I fit in a workout first thing when my energy is at its best (yes that is 0630…) Continue reading

My tips for planning your Walt Disney World holiday


Walt Disney World

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If you have never been to Walt Disney World  (WDW) before but are planning your first trip or if you’ve been a few times but can never get those dinner reservations or come away and then hear people talking about “must dos” that you had never heard of then this is the blog post for you.

I love Walt Disney World and I love planning things so a Disney holiday is pretty much the perfect holiday for me. WDW has changed a lot in the last ten years and changed massively in the last 20 years so if you are thinking of going back after a hiatus you should know that there is now a lot more planning involved!  As an example there are certain restaurants that you just won’t get into if you’re not on it 6 months out to book your table – nope not kidding. And if you have never been before then you may not have thought about dining experiences as something you’d get on a “theme park” holiday.

Here are (some of) my (many) tips…  Continue reading

Summer Skin Essentials – Product Reviews

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago in 3 Things Thursday, I just got back from sunny Spain where my husband and I spent a much needed week on the beach. Over the years I have been trialing and testing summer skin products from fake tan to sunscreen to find my favourites so I thought I would share my thorough testing with you here! Below I’ve reviewed:sunscreens, fake tan, face exfoliators and body lotions, I hope these are useful for your own summer skin planning!  Continue reading

101 Tips for Safe and Smooth Travel

Some really good ideas in here! 101 Travel Tips|

I love travelling and I have been lucky enough to have ventured to some really diverse corners of our world. I’ve travelled for business, with family, with friends and alone, I’ve therefore learned by experience some real travel do’s and don’ts and this is my list of how to travel safely and smoothly. The list read in a oner may make travelling sound a bit scary/dodgy but this is just tips from years of different travel experiences from luxury travel to backpacking on a shoestring, you’re unlikely to need to adhere to all of these tips on each and every trip you take, so don’t be put off it’s not meant to be scary just helpful! Go pack a bag! (there’s tips for that too…)  Continue reading

Keeping your house clean and tidy (when you work full-time)


Tips for keeping your house clean #cleaningtips #cleaning #tips

I don’t know about you but on a Monday after a whole weekend’s worth of TLC and attention our home always looks fab.  Come Friday evening however it can be a different story and when we really just want to collapse and relax all I can see is mess and it’s just not conducive to chilling. So here are the tips that I follow for a clutter free and sparkling clean home all week (when you work full time). Share your own tips for a tidy/clean home in the comments section too!  Continue reading

Being the Hostess with the Mostess – 10 tips for hosting without going insane

Hostess with the mostess - ten tips for hosting without going insane -


I love being the hostess, when Monica from Friends worked for 24 hours to get everyone to hang out in her apartment I totally got that! However feeling the love for your guests who are arriving imminently and working full time don’t necessarily go hand in hand so here is my guide to hosting a get-together without turning into a ball of stress, shouting at your spouse, burning the food and creating an atmosphere that will make your guests want to run for the hills.

1.Timing is everything

If you have invited people to come around on a weekend for brunch then you may just need to forgo your weekend sleep in! Work out a plan of what you want to achieve for your guests and then work out your timing. If I have guests coming around on a weekend for 11am, the latest I want to start prepping is 0930. I also prioritise the things I want to do so that if I don’t get the last two things on my list done then I’m not upset, which leads me to….  Continue reading