My tips for planning your Walt Disney World holiday


Walt Disney World

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If you have never been to Walt Disney World  (WDW) before but are planning your first trip or if you’ve been a few times but can never get those dinner reservations or come away and then hear people talking about “must dos” that you had never heard of then this is the blog post for you.

I love Walt Disney World and I love planning things so a Disney holiday is pretty much the perfect holiday for me. WDW has changed a lot in the last ten years and changed massively in the last 20 years so if you are thinking of going back after a hiatus you should know that there is now a lot more planning involved!  As an example there are certain restaurants that you just won’t get into if you’re not on it 6 months out to book your table – nope not kidding. And if you have never been before then you may not have thought about dining experiences as something you’d get on a “theme park” holiday.

Here are (some of) my (many) tips…  Continue reading

101 Tips for Safe and Smooth Travel

Some really good ideas in here! 101 Travel Tips|

I love travelling and I have been lucky enough to have ventured to some really diverse corners of our world. I’ve travelled for business, with family, with friends and alone, I’ve therefore learned by experience some real travel do’s and don’ts and this is my list of how to travel safely and smoothly. The list read in a oner may make travelling sound a bit scary/dodgy but this is just tips from years of different travel experiences from luxury travel to backpacking on a shoestring, you’re unlikely to need to adhere to all of these tips on each and every trip you take, so don’t be put off it’s not meant to be scary just helpful! Go pack a bag! (there’s tips for that too…)  Continue reading

My top places to travel!

Top places to travel #travel #bucketlist

I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of traveling in my late teens and twenties, I’d always been lucky in terms of family holidays too, we explored a lot of Europe and parts of the States and Canada too but from 18 I did a lot of travelling with friends in my gap year and university holidays. On my gap year I traveled around Australia and New Zealand with two of my best friends (who were two of my bridesmaids) and during summer breaks from uni I: inter-railed around Eastern Europe, went back to NZ, traveled around the Middle East (fascinating), explored Cuba (amazing) and later, between jobs, with my other best friend (and third bridesmaid!) traveled around South East Asia. So really I have ticked a lot off my “to travel list”! However there remains a lot to do and see in our amazing world.

I have been quite strategic with my travels, I picked places that were possible to travel on a shoe-string, leaving the more expensive places on my wish list until I had more money/an established career. I also left places that wouldn’t require the same time commitment to later years because jetting off for a month plus is obviously not going to cut it with most employers!

So here are my top places to travel, these pretty much remain in flux and also don’t necessarily tally with my husband’s top choices and as he hasn’t been as lucky with his travel experiences it will be fair for his to take precedent!   Continue reading