How to upcycle your finished Yankee Candles

How to upcycle your Yankee Candles


So I told you I would be back with a little craft post and here it is. I don’t know about you but we love candles in our house and I joke that our candle choice falls in to two seasons Yankee Candle (Autumn and Winter) and Jo Malone (Spring and Summer)!  This post is a tutorial on how to upcycle your Yankee Candles once the wick has burned right down but there is still a good inch and a bit of wax left.

We love the Yankee Candle jars and they last forever – these are two we actually bought in the YC outlet in Florida on our honeymoon in Sept 2014 so they have done very well.  Not only do the candles smell great but the jars are super useful too – so how to get them clean and get the remaining wax out/what to do with it?  This is a pretty much free solution too, the only thing you need are glass votives (we already had loads in the house) and some new wicks – you van get these on Amazon for a couple of pounds.  Continue reading

How to Pack Hand Luggage Perfectly – Part One

I haven’t written a travel post (or any – sorry work is crazy but I have posts lined up!) in a while and as it is one of my passions I thought I had better put that right. This post is part one of two, this first post shares how easy it is to pack for a two week trip with just a trolley bag and the second post shares what to carry on for long haul flights.  I love travelling and I love being organised, I also hate losing my luggage and being bored so I have hand luggage travel down to a fine art. Maybe I should explain those last two statements, I hate losing luggage so unless it is a ski trip or trans-Atlantic I always use just carry on and I hate being bored so I always have a range of “projects” in my hand luggage to keep me amused… These are my top tips on how to pack for a two week break with just hand luggage  Continue reading

3 Things Thursday


It has been a manic month with work, getting ready for holiday and then being away – not that I am complaining about the holiday! Complaining about going back to work yes, complaining about the holiday no! But here I am back in my routine and reflecting on the three things that have been on my mind this week. If you blog you can also join in with three things by checking out Salma’s blog over at The Write Balance or her fellow bloggers blogs Pink Chai Living and Love, Laugh, Mirch.

1. Holidays (vacations) and travel planning:

My husband and I were both super ready for a holiday and some sun, so spending a week chilling out on the beach in Spain was exactly what we needed. The holiday also gave us the time to reflect on where we fancy spending future holidays so we got our wish lists together and picked somewhere! As I mentioned in my “travel wish list” post I thought it was only fair that my husband’s travel wish list should take precedent as he has done less travelling. Next year we are going back to Disney (where we spent our honeymoon) to celebrate my 30th birthday; I wasn’t looking forward to this birthday so thought where would I most like to be and Disney was most definitely the answer, so with the promise of some pixie dust, just like magic, I am now looking forward to this birthday! However, we also decided on our 2017 holiday and it is…. Japan! We are also hoping to tie it in with a trip to Hong Kong to catch the Hong Kong Rugby 7s, this also ties in with the ski season in Japan and Tokyo is home to reportedly the best Disney park in the world, Tokyo DisneySea so it looks like we will be able to tie all our biggest passions into one trip: rugby, skiing, travel and Disney – amazing. Good call husband! Better start saving! Do you have any holidays or adventures planned? Let me know in the comments!  Continue reading

Tips for waking up and getting up!

How to get up in the morning, 8 tips to get yourself out of bed| #lifehacks #MorningPerson #GettingUp

Over the last couple of years I have been teaching myself to be more of a “morning person” and wean myself off the comfort of my duvet. Not the most fun task ever! Plus being married to somebody who is so decidedly not a morning person makes this even harder. But! I think I am getting there, I now almost like getting up and getting going, the only tough bit is actually going from horizontal to vertical but the extra hours in your day make up for it. If you too struggle with getting up and about then here are my top tips for becoming a morning person.  Continue reading

The pre-30 Pressure List

All the things you *think* you should do before you're 30|The pre-30 pressure list|

I just celebrated my 29th birthday… Last birthday of my twenties and last year of my twenties. I have many friends who have either turned or are turning 30 this year and unanimously there seems to be a bit of a mental block about this particular birthday, but why? It seems to me that the general consensus (rightly or wrongly) is that your 20’s are for fun but you need to have your life in order by your 30’s – queue the late-twenty-something-panic! Continue reading

Three Things Thursday


It’s three things Thursday again, where I like to join in with Salma from the Write Balance with the three things that I have been thinking about this week.

1. Travelling
I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to explore some really interesting corners of our planet. My biggest adventure was probably the months I spent travelling around the Middle East (Egypt to Jordan to Syria to Lebanon [back to Jordan] to Israel and back to Egypt). I look back on this trip the most because now it is impossible to do the route due to the conflict raging in Syria. I often think about the people I met on that trip and wonder what has happened to them, I hope their country will find peace again soon.

I really believe that everybody should travel and explore our planet, Continue reading

Healthy Macaroons for Snacking

Healthy and yummy coconut and banana macroons - ideal for taking to work for snacks. #healthybaking #healthysnacks |










Last week I shared a distinctly unhealthy but absolutely (even if I say so myself) delicious recipe for carrot cake – yum. This week it is back to some healthy baking and snacks, OK less fun but more helpful when it comes to the ultimate bikini body challenge!

The recipe for these is pretty much the same as the one I posted here but with a few tweaks!

When I first made this recipe I noticed how stiff the mixture was and thought “hmm I bet they could be moulded into macaroon shape!” – I was right! Here’s the simplified recipe and method:  Continue reading

Delicious Carrot Cake – Perfect for Birthdays!

Yummy carrot cake from Hummingbird Bakery full recipe | #carrotcake #baking #recipe


If you have read other posts of mine recently then you will know that I have been experimenting with healthy baking a lot in my quest for my ultimate bikini body! However, you can’t force healthy baking on others especially on their birthday so I cracked out one of my favourite recipes recently for my Dad’s birthday – The Hummingbird Bakery’s Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting. This is one seriously yummy (and simple to make) cake, I have shared the recipe below. Happy baking!  Continue reading

Weekend in the Shire

Spring is in the air in the Shire

I absolutely love Spring. There’s something about this particular change in the seasons that I find really hopeful. With spring the year is still gearing up, you still have 75% of the year left to achieve your goals and the longer days are like a gift to help you do it. A bit like Christmas time too, I find Easter will naturally make me reflect and be thankful for everything I have in my life.  Such a positive attitude therefore really lead to a productive long Easter break weekend, bliss! We got so much done in the cottage, made some decisions about what we want to achieve next and spent some really good quality time together, let me tell you about it.  Continue reading