Spring and Easter Decor For Your Home

Decorating your home for spring and Easter

If you’ve followed this blog for a while or even just glanced at the theme of a few posts then you will know that I love to update our home’s decor to reflect the season. This post is all about adding Spring and Easter decor touches to brighten up your home and welcome in the new season.

I absolutely love spring so most of the updates I make are just bunches and bunches of beautiful tulips, freesias, irises, ranunculus and daffodils! However I do like to get a bit crafty and make new displays so here are a couple of things I have done.  Continue reading

Making an Autumn wreath for your home















When the seasons change I like to alter the decor in our home a little, whether it is a different display on our hall table, different linens for our bedroom or a wreath on our front door. No, don’t worry, I’ve not dived straight into Christmas already! Autumn always puts on such a great display of colours that I wanted to reflect that. So here’s my quick how to on making your own front door wreath to cheer up those dark evenings and make your own front door even more welcoming.

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Weekend in the Shire – Wedding Anniversary!


My husband and I have just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we had such a lovely weekend so I thought I would share how we celebrated with you guys. Your first anniversary is paper which in terms of a gift proved more tricky than I had thought! However, even though we hadn’t collaborated our presents to each other were really complimentary which was fab. So if you are coming up on your first year of celebrating wedded bliss then here are a couple of ideas for you. Continue reading

Weekend in the Shire – The importance of friends

woods image

This weekend was a brilliant weekend in the Shire! We took a break from cottage decor, cottage budgeting and minor DIY to meet up with friends, chill out and enjoy our home.

On Saturday we were off to a local loch (lake for my international readers, but not the one with the monster) and met with two friends and their dog, no this isn’t an intro to a bad joke. Whilst the boys rented a canoe and paddled off for an adventure the girls enjoyed a stroll in the beautiful Scottish scenery and found a great spot for tea and cake. It was fantastic just kicking back with one of my best friends and watching as the guys paddled up in their canoe, we had hoped for a small amusing capsize but they were far too competent for that.  Continue reading

Weekend in the Shire – Glitter print tutorial

Glitter quote framed print. Make your own. #Crafts #LoveArt |NotesFromTheShire.com

I hope you have all had a great weekend! It was another super busy weekend in the Shire. Including date night on Saturday, we hadn’t had a date night in a while so we went to one of our favourite restaurants and had a great laugh together, including running back to the car in the rain trying to share our tiny umbrella, lots of fun! You can read my whole post on dating (your husband!) here. Last weekend I updated an old wardrobe by painting it with chalk paint, it has had a great effect and really brightened up the room. This weekend I decided to make some artwork for our bedroom. I’d had the idea of having a quote print and then quite fancied something with a bit of shimmer so out came the Christmas crafting supplies aka the glitter and glue! You can see the finished product above and below I will show you the step by step guide I took to make it!  Continue reading

Weekend in the Shire – back in the saddle

woods image

I’ve not written a “Weekend in the Shire” post for a while, they all seem to have rushed by in a blur of cottage renovations!  This weekend was no different in terms of renovations, we spent last week camping in our spare room and living in a make-shift “fort” atmosphere in the living room as we were surrounded by bits of bed, our mattress and various pieces of furniture that just did not belong in that room. Not a calming week for somebody who is a bit of a tidy and clean freak! The reason for the mess was that we were having our bedroom re-decorated and a new carpet put in. I’m so excited to have a freshly painted and newly carpeted bedroom to move back into this week and we are also now on the hunt for new curtains, lamps etc to really finish off the room. Once we are done it will be the first room in the house that will have been totally revamped since we moved in almost a year ago. This coming weekend we will be starting to experiment with painting some furniture to give it a new lease of life too, so I will let you know how that goes… Anyway watch this space for some country cottage style mood boards as we hash out different ideas for our rooms.  Continue reading

Weekend in the Shire (Part 2 DIY DAY)

If Saturday was date day then Sunday was DIY day. One of the very first things we had to do in our cottage was replace our boiler. We moved in 30 days before our wedding and 3 days before the wedding our boiler was condemned, as in don’t even think about turning it on you’re lucky it’s not blown up condemned. Ah. Not so convenient. So the day before the wedding (with my stress level already at DefCon 2) we had to meet Scottish Gas at the house and then agree to spend a LOT of money replacing our boiler and getting the installation organised whilst we were away on honeymoon – if any of you have planned a wedding then you know that doing this the day before is not ideal and if any of you are as Type A as me then you’ll know that I was not keen on this kind of work taking place whilst I wasn’t there!

However the whole point of this story was that when the boiler was replaced it was also re-sited which left us with a boiler shaped, very unattractive, patch on our wall, given that we live in a tiny cottage with limited space we thought we would take this opportunity to put a matching cupboard in this space. We thought (wrongly it turned out) that the cupboard was from IKEA so off we went to Glasgow and braved the hell that can be IKEA on a weekend. Luckily, the store was not too busy and we managed to get (almost) everything we went for: frames for my stairs photo project, candles, bags for logs, basket for kindling but… no cupboard, turns out it was from B&Q – which we picked up from our local store on the way home. Along with all the bits and pieces that we picked up we made a list of all the things we need to/want to do to the cottage and which I will share with you as it progresses and here is the list:   Continue reading

Weekend in the Shire (Part 1) The couple that sweats together, stays together

Unorthodox date outfit, climbing date. NotesFromTheShire.com

It was a busy weekend at our cottage in the Shire. On Friday we celebrated our six-month-a-versary! 6 months has absolutely flown in and we are really enjoying being newly-weds and getting our home together sorted out. We had a cosy evening at home, in front of the fire with a bottle of fizz(y apple juice – even anniversaries don’t break the alcohol free health kick). We also had a visitor for the weekend, my dog Gus – probably the only Jack Russell in the world with a weekend home! He lives with my parents (and his brother Archie) all week and visits us at weekends.  Continue reading