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Autumn Fall home decor

I love Autumn, even though the days are getting shorter and evenings darker, I love to feel the seasons click, watch the leaves turn and start to see my breath on crisp days. I am also much more of an Autumnal clothing gal, I like warm and snuggly clothes and huge jumpers. However, one of the things I love the most is introducing autumnal decor to our cottage. I like to change things up in the house for each season but Summer is always a bit of a creative/decorative slump plus with warm evenings it has been time to be in the garden this year! In this post I am going to share some of the things I’ve been putting together for the cottage. 

1. Getting out past decor.

In this post I wrote about creating your own Autumnal wreath and, as it happened, mine was mainly synthetic which means it happily passes the rest of the year in the attic. So this has been popped out and rehung on our door to add a bit of Autumn cheer.

Autumn wreath for your front door














I will also share this one from my Mum who added a Halloween decoration to hers later in the season to update it again.

Autumn Halloween wreath for your front door

2. Creating an easy centrepiece

Our coffee table usually has a lovely glass bowl (a gift from my parents-in-law) sitting in its centre but I recently found this perfect little tray in a sale (I’d been looking for something identical to do something creative with around Christmas) and I thought it would be a perfect Autumnal decor update. I added the ceramic pumpkin (found in a gorgeous shop in a tiny Provencal village this summer – I also love finding things on holiday that remind us of trips) and then surrounded it with pine cones (also from a holiday but this time free from a forest!)  This looked a bit bland so I found my remaining leaves from the wreath and just slotted some in. It took about ten minutes in total and I am super pleased with it! An easy Autumn coffee table update.

Autumn centre piece fall decor pumpkin decoration

3. Update a shelf


We have a bookcase that sits quite prominently in our sitting room so I did a quick update to it with two pillar candles that I had sitting around in a drawer and tied some of the leaves to them with seasonal coloured wool.  I only had two and was going to buy another but our little red car was the perfect height to add in a third dimension and the perfect colour too! So all free and done with things I had lying around – you could easily use natural leaves you find on a walk too! Again with the holiday collecting you can see a print from our latest holiday to Cornwall in the background – this one we had to get shipped home, it wasn’t fitting into hand luggage!

fal4. Seasonal flower arrangement

I love flower arranging and have been making Christmas wreaths with my Mum for years. I go to Mum’s house we get our handy glue guns out, collect our foliage, crack open some wine and snacks and have a great crafty day.  However, I have always wanted to learn a bit more (my Mum has done courses – she did our wedding flowers!) So I signed up to a 5 week evening class at my local college. Our first design was to do an all round arrangement and I immediately knew I wanted to do something that brought the autumnal colours indoors.  I used this lovely pot I had in the cupboard (after I had accidentally killed its previous inhabitant… yeh not so green fingered!) and using floristry foam I made this. I sourced all my greenery from my parents’ garden and our garden and then just found the right coloured flowers in supermarkets and some at the florist. The cones were glue gunned onto garden sticks – I sat with my glue gun one Sunday afternoon whilst my husband and I watched The Goonies – talk about a perfect Autumn Sunday!

Autumn flower arrangement fall flower arrangementI also made an extra arrangement for my Mum with some of the flowers I had left.  This one was still autumnal colours but, I think, actually ended up quite Hawaiian looking – any other Disney Nerds, I’m saying it’s themed to the Poly ;)

Fall flower arrangement, Autumn flower arrangement


5. Switch up your home’s scent

We love candles in our house. We have such a huge collection and always bring loads back from the US – Yankee candle outlets! This summer our home was mainly smelling like Disney’s Beach Club (as a way of stretching out our holiday) with a mix of candles from both Yankee and Anthology Candles but now the seasons are switching I’ll be changing out our Yankee Candles for smells of pumpkin, spice and all Autumn things nice :) If you love candles too you might want to check out my earlier post on how to upcycle your finished Yankee Candles.  I have also switched out our taper/dinner candles from cream to orange and added a gourd to the fireplace for another nod to autumn and harvest.


I am also working on another Autumn project so I will post that once it is done! Happy crafting and let me know in the comments section what you like to do to bring the different seasons into your home!






Home decorating tips for Fall


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