Getting summer skin ready!

Summer skincare routine. Cleanser and cleansing brush review.

One of my best friends raves about her exfoliating face brush (hear from her below!) and I had always been keen to try one so I was super happy when Magnitone asked me to review their new Magnitone Lucid skincare brush! The lucid comes in a range of colours (blue, pink, yellow and green) but I am having a major green moment so it was green all the way for me. It also looks very cute in our bathroom, which has green splashes – handy!

I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to my skincare routine so this was another brilliant excuse to mix things up a bit and at the same time I’ve felt my skin could be clearer so there was no better time to try this out. My normal routine is to use Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser but I’ve found that once you wash the cloths once they lose their ooomph and my skin doesn’t feel so tingly/clean.I do still love the actual cleansers though, especially when there is a limited edition to try out, and their stuff is all natural so it’s great for sensitive skin.  

First Try:

On night 1 with the lucid I just used it as I would my hot cloth, I rubbed my cleanser into slightly damp skin, rinsed the lucid in warm water and moved it slowly over my skin (the lucid has a timer and beeps three times telling you to move to a different area before it stops – I like this so you don’t over cleanse!) Now the only issue was that the once pristine brush head turned beige with my makeup, hmmm and I still needed to take off my eye makeup… new tactic needed.

Updating my tactics:

Having cleaned off the birstles from the night before, rather than using my lucid in lieu of my hot cloth I used it after. I did my usual hot cloth cleanse to remove my makeup and eye make up and then applied a little more cleanser direct to my face and used the lucid. Second time lucky! This was much better and I’ve done this every night since.


I can actually see a difference in my skin, it looks brighter and clearer and boy does it feel cleaner before I go to bed. I am sold!

If you fancy giving Magnitone a go then you can use my code Gemma20 and get 20% of your own! A bargain and definitely worth it.

Cleanser 2 – Mhairi:

As I said above being a creature of habit I have used the same cleanser for years which isn’t particularly thrilling for you, so my friend Mhairi is sharing her favourite cleanser with us too!

I absolutely love this RE9 Advance Smoothing cleanser from Arbonne. If I’m honest I hadn’t really thought about using an anti-ageing product until a friend gave me this range to try. Now I know I should have started years ago so it’s a staple of my routine! This is really gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, but I know it’s working wonders on those little lines that we’re starting to appear. I also love the fact that it’s Vegan Certified and doesn’t have any horrible mineral oils in it-skincare shouldn’t be worrying!

Arbonne cleanser review|









Cleanser 3 – Ciera:

So my exfoliating face brush routine goes like this! I love it so much it warrants space in my weekly carry on when I travel for work (saying something as I am ruthless about leaving stuff behind).
  • I use coconut oil as a cleanser (I’m trying to use products with fewer artificial ingredients / it’s dirt cheap / I travel a lot so it doubles as my body lotion)
  • I use my brush usually every other day in the evening; I have quite sensitive skin so I try to avoid going too mad with it
  • I follow up with Rosehip Oil as a moisturiser (which is lovely and you only need a couple of drops). My favourites are the Trilogy one or an organic one by Green Keratin.

Thank you to Ciera and Mhairi for adding their own cleansing routines and favourites!

If you have your own cleansing favourites or have more questions about how I got on with the Magnitone Lucid then leave a comment below!






Full disclosure: I was sent the Magnitone Lucid free to try it and review it however, the comments and thoughts are all my own so you can rest assured that the review is genuine!

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