Gym week in review

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Last week was pretty successful in terms of where I want to be with workouts. After starting a new job in September I had to get into my new routine and also learn to suck up the fact that I needed to sacrifice sleep in order to hit the gym. But if I am going to get my ultimate bikini body before 30 I’m going to have to put the effort in! I also gave up alcohol for Lent (plus another week) which made me feel a lot better, saved a lot of calories and a lot of cash. I will be keeping up the limited alcohol, I really don’t miss it. I had a couple of glasses of good white wine at the weekend with a friend and my husband but it wasn’t the “yay wine!” feeling that I had thought when I originally gave it up – I’d probably rather save the calories (shocking, I know!) Anyway, here is my workout diary and thoughts from last week.  

Monday – The Green Gym… Monday was a bank holiday so my husband and I spent it in our garden, I had thought a little bit of weeding would be no effort but after two hours of hauling out nettle runners, digging over flower beds and jumping up and down in the garden wheelie bin to compress everything I thought this counted as a total body workout!

Tuesday – Weights session before work, 3 mile run after work. Taking advantage of the sunshine by donning my trainers and catching up with a friend was great, I also knocked a minute off the previous week’s 3 miler.

Wednesday – Weights session before work, Metafit “Touching the Wall” after work. (lie in a heap after Metafit)

Thursday – Gym session before work.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Box fit in the garden with my husband.

Sunday – rest day (walk on the beach)

So apart from the double chocolate cheesecake that my friend brought around on Saturday it was a pretty good week fitness and health wise!  If you’re hitting the gym this week make sure to check out this post for common gym mistakes to avoid. Have you got any fitness goals? What’s your week’s workout routine? Share them below! Happy working out!



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