How to upcycle your finished Yankee Candles

How to upcycle your Yankee Candles


So I told you I would be back with a little craft post and here it is. I don’t know about you but we love candles in our house and I joke that our candle choice falls in to two seasons Yankee Candle (Autumn and Winter) and Jo Malone (Spring and Summer)!  This post is a tutorial on how to upcycle your Yankee Candles once the wick has burned right down but there is still a good inch and a bit of wax left.

We love the Yankee Candle jars and they last forever – these are two we actually bought in the YC outlet in Florida on our honeymoon in Sept 2014 so they have done very well.  Not only do the candles smell great but the jars are super useful too – so how to get them clean and get the remaining wax out/what to do with it?  This is a pretty much free solution too, the only thing you need are glass votives (we already had loads in the house) and some new wicks – you van get these on Amazon for a couple of pounds. 

1. Put a large pot of boiling water on your stove and place your YC jars into the pot – NB make sure your jars are at room temp ie that they aren’t really cold otherwise the change in temperature will crack the glass and there will be all kinds of mess to deal with…

2. Wait. The water will quite quickly melt the left over wax in your jars.

3. Remove the last bit of original wick from the YC.

4. Put a new wick into one of your votives.

5. Using oven gloves carefully remove the jars from the water and pour the now liquid wax into your votive.

6. Hold the wick straight – I did this by wedging it between cardboard but as the wax set (which it does quickly) it did bend the wick which has been a bit annoying when using the candle so it could be worth having a cup of tea ready so you can enjoy that whilst holding onto the wick.

7. Re-purpose your old jars – Once they have cooled, clean thoroughly with detergent, remove the labels and then reuse. We have dog biscuits in ours which looks quite cute sitting on the kitchen windowsill.

8. Done! And enjoy the amazing smell now wafting through your house, this is probably the best smelling craft/DIY I have ever done and it takes almost no time at all – 20 mins and you are totally done and tidied away.

You can see all the stage in the above illustration – you may note that in the pot in this picture my wax is in jam jars that’s because I experimented with melting the wax before I had replacement wicks so needed a mid-point receptacle!

I hope this is helpful!


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