Keeping your house clean and tidy (when you work full-time)


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I don’t know about you but on a Monday after a whole weekend’s worth of TLC and attention our home always looks fab.  Come Friday evening however it can be a different story and when we really just want to collapse and relax all I can see is mess and it’s just not conducive to chilling. So here are the tips that I follow for a clutter free and sparkling clean home all week (when you work full time). Share your own tips for a tidy/clean home in the comments section too! 

  • Always make your bed. It’s amazing how untidy an unmade bed can make a room look. Even if there’s stuff scattered elsewhere this is a good start!
  • Open your curtains. Like making your bed, letting light in helps a lot. A gloomy room just doesn’t look inviting.
  • Take it out, put it away. This was my mum’s rule with toys when I was little and it still goes, if you take something out then be the one to put it away when you’re done.
  • Never leave washing up over night. You’re not a student anymore (and even then, ick) Take the five minutes to do the dishes before bed, you’ll thank yourself in the morning when your kitchen doesn’t resemble a tip. Also don’t fall into the “it needs to soak” lie, not over night it doesn’t.
  • Wipe up spills, splashes and splats as they happen. If you keep your surfaces clean as mess happens it will save you scrubbing away and wasting your precious weekend time.
  • Keep an eye on your fridge and watch those veggies. Decaying food will make your fridge smell gross and also wastes your money. Keep an eye on use-by-dates and use them to menu plan.
  • Do a mid-week load of laundry. Sort, wash and hang one small load of laundry throughout the week, so that you’re not stuck with an overflowing laundry bin and no clean clothes come the weekend.
  • Keep on top of the bathroom cleaning. Using disposable bathroom wipes during the week keeps your bathroom looking (and smelling) clean between bigger weekly cleans. This is convenient but not particularly environmentally friendly so do remember not to flush them – bin them.
  • Tidy the sitting room before bed. Taking just two minutes to tidy away papers, mail etc and fluff up the sofa cushions before bed each night makes a big difference come Friday when you aren’t faced with 5 days worth of stuff. It’s also much nicer to come into a tidy room in the morning.
  • Use baskets as a half way house. When we first moved into our cottage I realised that we were using our stairs as a dumping ground for papers en route to the filing system. We still do but now they go into a basket that looks both cute and keeps stuff tidy. I’ve also got one on my side of the bed to keep magazines and books off the floor.
  • Think about storage. If you have to fight to push something into an already overstuffed drawer you probably won’t try to put stuff away (speaking from experience!) so get creative with your storage solutions – under bed storage drawers were a brilliant find for us!
  • Lose the clutter. If you’re hoarding something ask if it really is sentimental. If it is find a creative way to display it (shadow box frames are great – I did that with some of our Disneymoon souvenirs, read about it here), store it or ditch it!

These are my top tips for keeping your house tidy throughout the week and to keep your weekends free for fun as opposed to packed full of cleaning and tidying! If you’re entertaining during the week/at the weekend then check out my tips on stress free hosting too!  Please do share your own tips and hacks below.


5 thoughts on “Keeping your house clean and tidy (when you work full-time)

    • Me too but it can be so hard to keep on top of things during the week so these are my tried and tested tips! Thank you for your comment :)

  1. Lots of great tips! I totally agree that making the bed is a big one! It makes your room look clean even if there is clutter all around :)

  2. OMG – when did you become so sensible??? Tidy as you go is definitely my mantra saves you becoming overwhelmed and therefore un-enthusiastic about having to spend your whole weekend tidying and cleaning……….and of course there is the benefit of lying on the sofa in a sparkling, sweet smelling home whilst your other half peels you some grapes and opens the champagne………or is that just me????? X

    • That sounds about right Elaine ;-) I think I became sensible when I realised that living in mess was no fun at all and so much easier to relax as you say if it’s tidy and sweet smelling! Learned from the best! xx

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