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When the seasons change I like to alter the decor in our home a little, whether it is a different display on our hall table, different linens for our bedroom or a wreath on our front door. No, don’t worry, I’ve not dived straight into Christmas already! Autumn always puts on such a great display of colours that I wanted to reflect that. So here’s my quick how to on making your own front door wreath to cheer up those dark evenings and make your own front door even more welcoming.

I started, as per usual, by researching my project on Pinterest and pinning inspirational pictures to my “Cottage” board which you can follow here. Once I had some ideas I searched my other “go to” place, Amazon, for some supplies, I got some autumn/fall colour leaves, some acorns (which I didn’t use) and some battery operated fairy lights (but these are for another project so you’ll have to wait for that one!

I already had a faux moss and hay wreath from my Christmas wreath so I repurposed that and then headed to my mum’s house for the rest of the supplies! Cheating slightly I know, you can see a picture of her wreath below too.

In summary here’s what we used:

Autumn leaves (synthetic) from amazon
Acorns (plastic but very realistic)
Pheasant feathers
Wreath ring (you can get these in most garden centres or online, especially in the run up to Christmas)
Burlap/hessian ribbon
Florists wire
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

photo 1







I started by thinking how I wanted my wreath to look, I knew I wanted the feathers to play a role and that these would look good coming off to one side. I then experimented with placing the leaves on the wreath, this was good as let me see that having the leaves all the way around looked too much. I then experimented with how many leaves to overlap and once I had done that it was just a matter of gluing them into place. Mind your fingers on the hot glue! I used a wooden skewer to push them down.

photo 3







Once I had done this I hot glued on three feathers, as I am sure I have said before, when arranging objects, flowers etc, add things in 3s or 5s, odd numbers just look better. I then glued a red leaf over the feather stems to hide the glue. Once I had done this I thought it didn’t look quite finished so added a little burlap bow with some florists wire and was done!

All in all the project took about an hour, including design, laying out and a frenzied hunt for the tortoise who had gone missing at some point during the morning(!)

My mum opted for a willow wreath, which she wove herself no less – I think she should have the blog – and she did use the acorns as well as some oak shaped leaves. She used a mix of hot glue and wiring to attach her pieces. When hung it also perfectly framed “Winnie the Witch” her Halloween door decor – fab! Mum also added a bat as a further Halloween nod.

photo 4

So there you go! Two Halloween/Autumn wreaths to inspire this season’s crafting and home decor for you. Let me know if you try one yourself, you can tweet me your results @MrsGPMcD 

Happy Fall Y’all as our American chums say!


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