My top places to travel!

Top places to travel #travel #bucketlist

I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of traveling in my late teens and twenties, I’d always been lucky in terms of family holidays too, we explored a lot of Europe and parts of the States and Canada too but from 18 I did a lot of travelling with friends in my gap year and university holidays. On my gap year I traveled around Australia and New Zealand with two of my best friends (who were two of my bridesmaids) and during summer breaks from uni I: inter-railed around Eastern Europe, went back to NZ, traveled around the Middle East (fascinating), explored Cuba (amazing) and later, between jobs, with my other best friend (and third bridesmaid!) traveled around South East Asia. So really I have ticked a lot off my “to travel list”! However there remains a lot to do and see in our amazing world.

I have been quite strategic with my travels, I picked places that were possible to travel on a shoe-string, leaving the more expensive places on my wish list until I had more money/an established career. I also left places that wouldn’t require the same time commitment to later years because jetting off for a month plus is obviously not going to cut it with most employers!

So here are my top places to travel, these pretty much remain in flux and also don’t necessarily tally with my husband’s top choices and as he hasn’t been as lucky with his travel experiences it will be fair for his to take precedent!  

In no particular order:

  1. Road trip around New England in autumn: I have already added books on this subject to my Amazon account but this is high up my list. I love America and the East Coast just has a certain romanticism about it that I would love to explore. The beaches, architecture and small town charm just have a real pull on me. You will see this feature really heavily on my travel Pinterest board!
  2. Road trip California: I have been to LA but that is it for California and there is so much I would love to see there. I really want to visit San Francisco, Napa Valley for wine tours, Yosemite, ski in Tahoe (this may be another trip in itself!) and watch the surfers at Big Sur and elsewhere up the coast – I think my husband wouldn’t mind joining the surfers either.
  3. Norway: I have been lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis in my own back garden but seeing them really vividly in the far north is a real “to do” for me. As Norway is so expensive this could even be a long weekend sometime but if funds permitted seeing more of Norway at the same time would be fantastic.
  4. Florida Keys: So the US is featuring heavily on this list! I love Florida, I love guaranteed sunshine and the laid back feeling. The beaches are amazing and the small towns and cities like St Petes and Tampa are (to me) the epitome of laid-back cool. I am a huge Disney geek too – I love Walt Disney World in Orlando, it’s actually where we spent our honeymoon (best two weeks ever) and where we intend to spend my 30th BUT there is a lot more to Florida and I would love to spend some time in the Keys, following in the footsteps of Hemingway again, having already visited his house outside Havana. Blue skies, white sand and the odd margarita – perfect!
  5. Istanbul: When I traveled around the Middle East, Turkey just missed out on being included in the itinerary, had I had another couple of weeks it would have been up there but alas… So I would still really like to visit Istanbul and get lost in the hustle and bustle – as well as visiting the odd hammam of course! With direct flights from Scotland this could very well be a long weekend trip in the making.
  6. The Greek Islands: Especially Santorini with its beautiful white buildings and gorgeous sea holds real appeal for me. Apparently Greece also has fantastic diving and it’s been too long since I’ve been diving. I love Dahab, by the Red Sea in Egypt but the Sinai is really a bit of a no go at the moment sadly… So Greece with all its history is really high up the list!
  7. Russia: I would really like to visit Moscow and St Petersburg in particular. I have always been drawn to the beautiful buildings in Red Square, especially St Basil’s, what amazing colours!
  8. Hawaii: What’s there to say? It’s Hawaii! Blue skies, white sand, a laid-back Polynesian feel. Just point me to the beach and put a coconut with a straw in my hand. Done!

So that is my list at the moment! Not a top 5 not a top 10 just my list that happens to be 8, I think it should keep me going for a few years….

What tops your list, is there anywhere you have been that I haven’t mentioned that is just a screaming omission?


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