One great holiday and reflections on 30!

bday collage

We have just got back from a trip to Florida for my 30th (eeek, actually not so scary) birthday. We had a fab time and I thought I would share some snapshots of that holiday and a reflection on 30!

These are just a few pics from our trip. One day we had a breakfast in the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom with Winnie the Pooh and friends, as it was my birthday trip they brought me a card and a birthday cupcake! How cute – bit emosh! Stuart, my husband, had also ordered me a wonderful cake for my actual birthday, right on theme too. What a guy. On my actual birthday we had an excellent meal at one of our favourite restaurants in the world, not just Disney World, and our waiter sang me happy birthday and brought this cute dessert. So kind. The main pic is me and Stu in Hollywood Studios – being photobombed by my dad! It was such a great trip and a really good way to spend the last days of my 20’s and the first days of my 30’s. ┬áIf you want to read more about our WDW holiday then you can check out my trip report on the Disney Tourist Blog forum here. In the end turning 30 wasn’t such a big deal and it has made me reflect recently on all the stuff I will be happy to leave in that last decade…

Things I will happily leave in my 20's! #30s #20s #turning30 #30andhappy

Things I will happily leave in my twenties:

Staying in a club until the sun comes up. Or really spending time in a nightclub full stop. It may be “cool” but I wouldn’t be happy and much prefer my bed. Seriously, if it gets to 10pm and I am still out I think that’s a big deal!

Have the mother of all hangovers:

I really hope this one is true. I have a feeling the worst hangover of my life is behind me for the reason that I can get a hangover from a few glasses of wine and have a fear of wasting a day feeling rough so I’m super careful about what I drink – again, not cool? Don’t care!

Care about being “cool”:

I kind of think that’s cool in itself – when I hear people in their early 20s on public transport/in a cafe etc being all angsty and try hard, it makes me cringe. Never again!

Not care what I eat:

In the last couple of years I have paid more and more attention to what I eat and thank Kayla for that! I can’t see me ever reverting to not considering what I eat and how that makes me feel/look. Not saying I don’t eat pizza, drink wine and enjoy cake – because that would be a looooong sad life but it’s a treat not a lifestyle.

Things I love about being errr, older?!

Having my own home and it being our project.

Looking forward to going out for a cappucino at our local cafe with my husband the way I used to look forward to a DJ playing on a Friday night.

Brunch and being productive before breakfast. Getting a tonne of housework done before Saturday Kitchen? Weekend win. Even more win, enjoy a brunch out.

Focusing on a career and discussing it with your other career gal friends. Project career.

Meeting friends’ babies and seeing friends get married. Seeing your once wild/party animal friends settle down and find happiness with their SO and new family is a great feeling.

Shopping for wine based on what I fancy as opposed to what’s on offer (on pay day anyway ;)

Any reflections on the last/current decade of your life?


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