The Date Jar (part two)

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A couple of weeks ago I shared some ideas for creating your own date jar, well the list was getting a bit intense so I had to split the post in two! Here is part two of my list of ideas for what you can do for date night/day/weekend! Remember you can share your own ideas in the comment section below. 

Go out for brunch or breakfast: We often do this after church, there’s something really luxurious about eating out at breakfast time, especially when it’s still early on a Sunday morning and there aren’t many people about – you really feel like you’ve got a jump on the day.

Plan a weekend away: Maybe things have been a bit hectic lately and you really just need to some time to kick back and chill. Get away to the coast, plan a city break or hole up in a country house hotel for the weekend. This is obviously a major date so start adding paper money to that jar!

Plan your holiday activities: have you got a holiday planned this year? It’s always fun to plan ahead and have specific things to look forward to. Why not get some planning guides from Amazon, use TripAdvisor to dig out local gems or find off the beaten track beaches. I love making plans, for me it’s almost as good as the holiday itself – I can live out on a Disney holiday for months/years with all the planning required!

Afternoon Tea: My husband and I both love afternoon tea so this is a favourite date of ours. Afternoon teas are also very popular at the moment so keep an eye on Groupon and Living Social deals as they often pop up!

“Travel Night” date: Pick a country and then plan your evening around it, pick a film where the country features heavily, get some tunes on the stereo and try your hand at its cuisine. You can even go all out and decorate if you want to be really committed! My husband loves surfing so we might pick an Australian surf movie, have a barbeque, some Cat Empire on the stereo and throw on our favourite flip flops! Voila, Australia for the day!

Go antiquing: There are a lot of good antiques centres and fairs in the Shire and one of our favourite activities is to jump in the car, go for a drive and see what treasure we can unearth! Even if we don’t buy anything we have fun thinking if/where we could put something in the cottage. It’s a great way to “play house” and can be either a free or expensive date, depends if you’re buying. If you are buying remember to haggle on the price.

Remember this is part two of post, for more ideas see part one here. Let me know if you have any fun ideas too, leave a comment below.



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