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Make your own date jar with Notes From The Shire

I mentioned a while back that my husband and I have a date jar that we use to help us pick what we want to do for date night, we also usual it to squirrel away spare change so that we always have cash for a good date! When we got married we decided it would still be really important to keep “dating” (each other obviously!) so that we made time for each other and kept trying new things together and so the date jar was born. I must say at this point that I didn’t even make the jar, I had mentioned the idea to one of my bridesmaids and she made it for me as a gift for my hen/bachelorette do, so it is extra special.

A couple of weekends ago the date jar threw out rock climbing so off we went to our local centre together but I thought I would share a few more ideas from it in case you are inspired to make your own. I have split this post in two as it was getting a bit wordy! So this is part one, I will add a link for part two at a later date.

Movie night in: More than your usual “shall we shove a film on?” this one requires prep, tidy the living room, pile up cushions and blankets, light some candles (and/or the fire), agree on a film you both want to watch (maybe buy a new DVD), buy some quality snacks and drinks and away you go.

Day at the beach: This one is great at any time of year, if it’s winter wrap up warm and go to your local beach. Search for shells, play tig, take a kite, paddle, play boules, make sandcastles and then maybe go for ice cream or fish and chips. Idyllic.

His/her pick: Marriage is often about compromising and not always getting your way, in fact enjoying not getting your way and choosing to enjoy what your partner wants to do is a really special part of being married. So this is a particularly nice date, one of you gets totally pampered and the other one gets to do something nice for the other.

Dinner and a movie: It’s a classic, it has to be in there!

Go out for dessert: we used to do this one a lot when we lived in Glasgow, we would have dinner and then go for a walk in the West End and grab a crepe or go to our favourite Ice Cream parlour for a 50’s style classic date and ice cream Sunday or a Coke float!

Photobook: I am sure that you will be the same, busy lives get in the way and you don’t find the time to record the special holidays or times that you spent together. I love making photo books of our holidays or picking a few pictures together to frame. Block out some time to do this together, not only will you get a great memento out of it but I can guarantee that you will love reminiscing together about the fun times you have had.

Watch a local team play: This is a great one, especially if one or both of you are sports fans. Find out what rugby/hockey/basketball/football teams are playing locally and go along to support them! You get to do something totally different (and usually free!) and support your local team, maybe you will even be inspired to get involved yourself. We like to go and watch local rugby teams and then have a cup of something hot in a café afterwards to warm up.

If you’re inspired to make your own jar – find a nice container, maybe tie a bit of ribbon around it. Write out your date ideas on anything you fancy, bits of card, lollipop sticks etc. Also remember to keep a good variety of dates, from pricey and luxurious to totally free and if you’re like us, use your date jar to keep date money in then you don’t even have to budget for it! You can find more ideas for the look of a date jar on my Pinterest boards here and follow my marriage and dating board here.

Do you have any tips for date night? Do you have a date jar? What are your favourite date activities?



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    • Thanks Laura! Let me know if you make one yourself or if you have any more ideas. I will post the rest of the list next week!

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