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It has been a very busy few weeks at work and I missed a few Three Things Thursday but I thought this week was time for a catch up! You can hop on over to the Write Balance with Salma, one of the founders of 3 Things to see what has been happening in her world this week too.  

1. Birthdays and baking

At the start of April it was my Dad’s birthday which prompted some baking from me! I do love to bake but it is one of those things that doesn’t necessarily fit in with trying to eat healthily and working a lot! If you’ve read other posts of mine you will know that I like to experiment with healthy baking but as it was a special occasion I baked up a particularly yummy carrot cake for my Dad. You can see the recipe in this post. It is also coming up for my 29th birthday…Eek. Last birthday in my twenties. Very mixed feelings about that! It has also prompted me to think about the pressures to achieve certain things before 30 so look out for a post on that soon!

Yummy carrot cake from Hummingbird Bakery full recipe | #carrotcake #baking #recipe

2. Blog Design

Notes From The Shire is still a pretty new blog, it’s only been going for about a month and I am really enjoying polishing bits of it. I recently changed the font of the posts which I think makes it look a bit smarter. I work in communications so a bit of web design knowledge is a must but I am really enjoying learning more about coding and exploring other people’s blogs for tips. I have found that Pinterest is a great place for finding tips about the best plug-ins etc I also can’t believe the amount of goodwill around WordPress forums, so many people willing to pass on their knowledge and expertise for free, a big thank you to the blogging and coding community for all their help!

Disneymoon on

3. Disneymoon flash backs!

My husband and I got married in autumn last year and went to Walt Disney World in Florida for our honeymoon/Disneymoon. We couldn’t have picked a better place to go and we have recently been flicking through our photobook as well as framing some of our favourite pictures. I’ve created a gallery wall on our stairs which has pictures from our wedding and honeymoon. In the middle of the gallery I have used a shadow box to frame a picture of us with the main mouse himself along with our “magic bands” and our “Happily Ever After” badge. We turned our other badge into a magnet for our fridge – I like to use sentimental pieces rather than have them lying around cluttering up the house, one of my tips on keeping your house tidy when you work full time!  We also started planning our next Disney break! Yay! We want to go one last time just the two of us and do all the fun things that we couldn’t fit in on honeymoon so a list is forming quickly including going to the dueling piano bar JellyRolls!

Share your own Three Things from the past week with a post or in the comments below! What has been on your mind/what have you been up to?




5 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. That carrot cake looks delicious! I love baking too, but I eat a very limited amount of wheat because of my arthritis so it is a horrible hobby to have! Thanks for joining 3 Things Thursday.

    • Hi Raj – thanks for your comment! I wonder if you could try substituting the flour in the recipe for coconut flour? I would be tempted to give it a go. I think it would be denser but is probably worth the experiment!

  2. I love carrot cake and that triple layer cake cooks amazing! Did I mention I love carrot cake :) I’m envious that you already know bit of code etc with your work background. That’s the one thing I really struggle with when it comes to my blog. Love the Disney badge idea! It’s sounds like a super fun honeymoon. Have a great weekend!

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