Three Things Thursday


It’s three things Thursday again, where I like to join in with Salma from the Write Balance with the three things that I have been thinking about this week.

1. Travelling
I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to explore some really interesting corners of our planet. My biggest adventure was probably the months I spent travelling around the Middle East (Egypt to Jordan to Syria to Lebanon [back to Jordan] to Israel and back to Egypt). I look back on this trip the most because now it is impossible to do the route due to the conflict raging in Syria. I often think about the people I met on that trip and wonder what has happened to them, I hope their country will find peace again soon.

I really believe that everybody should travel and explore our planet, go somewhere you’ve never been before and explore cultures totally alien to your own – it’s what makes our planet so exciting and gives you some amazing experiences and memories! With that in mind, way back in March, i started a list of my top travel tips, I thought it would be about 50 tips but it just kept growing and I think there’s still more I could add but here’s my 101 (!) tips for travelling. I also have my own wish list of where I want to go next, please share your own tips and bucket lists with me, feel free to leave links in the comments section!

Some really good ideas in here! 101 Travel Tips|

2. Being thankful for my husband!
I mentioned in my last 3 Things Thursday that I had a birthday coming up and I have to say it was one of the best birthday’s I have had and really due to my husband being so incredibly sweet. My day started off pretty normally with getting up and out to the gym but I got to drive through gates adorned with birthday balloons and smiled at the banners that my husband had managed to put up all over the house whilst I was in the bathroom. I was later surprised at work by a huge bunch of flowers that I got to look at all day, and really cheered up my office! Gorgeous. When I arrived home that night I was greeted by my husband running out of the house with sparklers and then running all around me singing, what a laugh! He had also got me an amazing cake and very thoughtfully a candle scented with my wedding perfume (I bought a new perfume for our wedding and honeymoon and every time I wear it, I am taken back to that special time). I already knew I had married a sweetie but I was totally blown away with the thought he had put into my birthday, he made it a really special day for me and it made me even more thankful for him!

Beautiful flowers from my husband|

3. Fitting it all in.

Last night as ten o’clock crept towards eleven and I thought I really must stop tidying up and get to bed, it really struck me how much we try to pack into our days. This is no bad thing, I really like my job, I enjoy working out and all the things I do at home but it’s often one or the other: write a blog OR read a bit of my book, clean the bathroom OR chill out with a favourite programme. So really I have just been thinking about how busy life is and how I can’t wait to be on holiday in about a month so that I can do all the things I want (not need) to do and spend some quality time with my husband too. If you too are struggling to fit it all in then my post on how to keep your home clean and tidy when you work full time, might just be for you! If you find it useful please share it.

Tips for keeping your house clean #cleaningtips #cleaning #tips


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3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I haven’t travelled enough, but it totally is on my bucket list. It sounds like you’ve had lots of adventures! And oh my goodness, your husband did so much to make your birthday special, he’s definitely a keeper :) Glad to have you linking up to 3 Things Thursday!

  2. I would spend my whole life travelling and sleeping on trains and random beaches if I didn’t have kids and a house to clean – lol! Thanks for linking up, looking forward to reading more :)

    • Kids and a house are their own adventure though :) Time to take them travelling with you though?! That’s a whole blog series right there!

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