Three Things Thursday

I’m joining in with Salma from the Write Balance with Three Things Thursday this week and sharing three things I have been doing/thinking about this week.

1. Spring is in the air.

I love when the seasons change. I wouldn’t say that I had a favourite season, I love aspects of all of them, but I do love when the days lengthen and the smell of spring is in the air. I also really enjoy seeing the spring flowers coming up. When I lived in Edinburgh for years I looked forward to seeing the cherry blossom appear on the avenues and the crocuses appear on the Meadows walks, gorgeous. These days, arriving home and seeing our crocuses blossoming in the pots by our front door really makes me smile.  Lovely.

Spring collage with writing

2. Eat clean

Both my husband and I are on a major health kick at the moment. He is coming back from a sports injury and I just want to reach the next level of fitness by getting my ultimate bikini body before I turn 30. I blogged about that here. One change we have (obviously) been making is the foods we eat so I have been trying to experiment with different recipes that satisfy sweet cravings without munching on sugar. I made a coconut bar recipe a couple of weekends ago and have updated it by adding a thin layer of dark chocolate – yummy, a little bit of something you like being good for you and all! We also have a £10 bet on as to who will be first to a six-pack… watch this space!

Coconut bites and quinoa bake - recipes tested by Notes From The Shire. Recipes included.

3.Holidays are coming

No, I’m not already counting down to Christmas and the famous Coca-Cola advert but I am really looking forward to a long weekend skiing in France with my mum! I love skiing (you might have noticed if you follow me on Pinterest!), it’s a brilliant way to be up in the mountains, in the sun (hopefully) and, not to mention, excellent exercise. So to quote Rachel from Friends: “shoop, shoop, shoop!”


2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I am completely with you in loving the changing seasons, especially the winter to spring, it’s so beautiful! And good luck with your bikini body, it looks like you’re on the right path! Happy to have you linking up to #3ThingsThursday!

    • Thanks Salma! Yes really enjoying the longer days and the lighter mornings definitely make it easier to hit the gym hard too!

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