Tips & Tricks for getting yourself into the gym

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I know some mornings I just want to turn the alarm off, hide under the duvet and go back to sleep but I don’t, I stagger around, find my gym gear and get to the gym! If you’re struggling to make the transition from bed to the waking world or sofa to gym then these tips are for you!

1. Have a goal – I want to have my ultimate bikini body before I am 30, one year and counting – that keeps me motivated to keep pushing. Before I set this goal I wanted to be toned for our wedding/honeymoon. My intermediate goal is being bikini body ready for this summer. Having a goal to focus on makes getting to the gym and working out a lot easier! 

2. Have the coolest kicks in the cave – to quote Kelso from That 70’s Show! Get yourself some new trainers/sneakers! You’ll want to wear them and show them off and the only way to do that is get into the gym, plus it gives you something pretty to look at!

3. Make yourself a killer workout playlist! Sometimes life gets so busy that you never get a chance to listen to your favourite music so use your gym time to listen to your favourite tunes. Alternatively you can use your playlist to motivate you and make that work out fly by.

4. Get new workout kit. A bit like number 2, getting yourself some new workout tops and trousers is a great way to motivate yourself. You don’t want to drop a load of cash on new clothes only to shove them in a drawer. Secondly every time you open that drawer and see them they will remind you to hit the gym! I’m currently trying “Fabletics” for a few months (the subscription gym clothes company co-founded by Kate Hudson, it’s had mixed reviews so I will let you know my thoughts once I’ve tried it for a while). I also like a good trawl through TK Maxx who often have good workout stuff.

5. Reward a good workout. Luckily I really really like my protein shake (yes I’m strange), it tastes just like chocolate milk. Yum! So I know that after that final set/last mile I can really look forward to something refreshing and filling. The shake I use is available here, it was recommended to me by somebody who really knows their fitness and supplements and he says it is the best so you don’t just have to take my word for it! Plus not only does it taste good it also helps repair your muscles and build tone.*

Get yourself motivated. Bikini body at the ready. | Lifestyle Blog #BikiniBody #fitness #workout #health

6. Put it in your diary. If your excuse for not going to the gym is that you are “too busy” then plan it into your routine and pen it into your diary. You might just have to give up some sleep or some socialising but if you want to see results you will need to prioritise working out. It’s a bit like budgeting, if you just see what you have left over at the end of the month/see when you can fit it in it won’t happen!

7. Plan in rest days. Not only can you look forward to a break but your body needs it in order to get the most out of your workouts. Apparently it’s ideal to have a break in the middle of your workout week but if you work Mon-Fri then take the weekend off or do lighter exercise.

8. Don’t go. Are you thinking “Great! That’s what I wanted to hear!”? Sorry but I don’t mean sit at home and do nothing. If you don’t like the gym or being inside then find a local fitness class, like metafit or circuits and go along to that. Or join British Military Fitness where you get put through your paces outdoors (in all weathers) by a trainer. You could also join a sports team or try swimming (I hate getting wet/chlorine-y before work so not for me!) Find something that works for you and follow points 1-7!

9. Find a trainer. If you’re new to working out/hitting a bit of a plateau then ask around and find a trainer who you can work with. They will be able to put together a programme for you and help you to understand the science behind your goals as well as offering both motivation and nutrition advice.

10. Keep a workout journal/ideas journal/Pinterest board. I like to mix up the exercises I am doing so that I don’t get bored. I used to use fitness magazines and keep a list of things to try but now I mainly use Pinterest to look for new exercises and ideas. If you have a new exercise to look forward to or something that mixes your routine up a bit then it will give you that extra little bit of motivation!

What do you use to motivate yourself at the gym? Can you add something else to the list? Let me know in the comments section.

Happy working out!







*Everything I recommend works for me but I’m just a gym enthusiast, I’m not a trainer and not a nutritionist so if you’re considering a change check it out with your own professional/doctor first. I’m sure you knew this but apparently disclaimers are the done thing now!

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