Ultimate Bikini Body before 30!

Bikini body poster

Thirty is looming large for me next year (May 2016) and it just seems like a “big one”. I don’t know why that number is such a big deal but it’s probably because you’re supposed to be really grown up by 30 and career and family start taking up more of your “me” time. Therefore like many people I have a list of things that I want to accomplish before 30 and the one I am telling you about today is my fitness challenge to myself – my ultimate bikini body. 

I love working out (I know, weirdo) but I just love the high you get from the endorphins, the way it energises you for the day and the satisfaction of seeing yourself change. Before we got married in September (2014), I really kicked up my fitness, worked a LOT on upper body strength and did a lot more weights and HIIT training to burn fat and tone my arms. By the time we went on honeymoon I was really pleased with how I looked in a bikini and felt it was the best I had ever looked, (can you feel the but coming on) but I think I could do better so I set myself the Ultimate Bikini Body before 30 challenge. So what does this mean? What it doesn’t mean is that I want to look like (insert name of favourite Hollywood actress) first of all I am 5’2” so unless I start growing again I’m not going to develop endless legs and second of all I accepted a long time ago that we are all different shapes and not everybody can be a Victoria Secret Angel! What it does mean though is that I want to get the totally flat stomach that has so far eluded me and tone other areas up just a little bit more. Whenever I put on weight it’s always around my hips and stomach so that fat just has to go! I’m not overweight by any standard (I’m a UK8) but I just want more tone.

I’ll be sharing how I get on in occasional posts and I will also share recipes that I find (follow me on Pinterest for healthy snack/fitness pins) as well as my exercise routine, workout tips and new exercises.

Do you have any goals to hit before your next birthday/30? Tell me about them below!



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