Weekend in the Shire – back in the saddle

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I’ve not written a “Weekend in the Shire” post for a while, they all seem to have rushed by in a blur of cottage renovations!  This weekend was no different in terms of renovations, we spent last week camping in our spare room and living in a make-shift “fort” atmosphere in the living room as we were surrounded by bits of bed, our mattress and various pieces of furniture that just did not belong in that room. Not a calming week for somebody who is a bit of a tidy and clean freak! The reason for the mess was that we were having our bedroom re-decorated and a new carpet put in. I’m so excited to have a freshly painted and newly carpeted bedroom to move back into this week and we are also now on the hunt for new curtains, lamps etc to really finish off the room. Once we are done it will be the first room in the house that will have been totally revamped since we moved in almost a year ago. This coming weekend we will be starting to experiment with painting some furniture to give it a new lease of life too, so I will let you know how that goes… Anyway watch this space for some country cottage style mood boards as we hash out different ideas for our rooms. 

Also at the weekend, which you may have guessed from the title, was the first time in about 5 years that I had been riding. My Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and I all went out to a local stables for a hack. It was fantastic to be back in the saddle, I had a great time and we were lucky with the weather, summer in Scotland you just never know – as was proven when later on that evening we had torrential rain…and an open sky light in the spare room.  One wet carpet! Just as well it wasn’t the new one.  For those of you not familiar with Scotland’s “intermittent Summers” I’ll share this picture that my Sister-in-Law sent me, sums it up perfectly.










Have a good week!



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