Weekend in the Shire (Part 1) The couple that sweats together, stays together

Unorthodox date outfit, climbing date. NotesFromTheShire.com

It was a busy weekend at our cottage in the Shire. On Friday we celebrated our six-month-a-versary! 6 months has absolutely flown in and we are really enjoying being newly-weds and getting our home together sorted out. We had a cosy evening at home, in front of the fire with a bottle of fizz(y apple juice – even anniversaries don’t break the alcohol free health kick). We also had a visitor for the weekend, my dog Gus – probably the only Jack Russell in the world with a weekend home! He lives with my parents (and his brother Archie) all week and visits us at weekends. 

Saturday was date day to celebrate our anniversary but there was still time to sneak in a quick workout. I love using Pinterest to find new exercise and workout ideas and on Saturday I tried out this workout from PopSugar at home. I did make some alterations, for example I found the push up into side plank almost impossible (!) so I did some side planks instead and I am so inflexible that doing standing sprints doesn’t work very well for me – seriously I can barely get my knees half way to hip height let alone do high knees, not a chance, so I swapped these out for more step ups- just really fast! I really like to do quick workouts at home, especially when I don’t want to take the time to drive to the gym, in the warmer months I like to do Metafit workouts outside for a quick burst of exercise.

Post workout I did some healthy baking (I’ll write about the results in another post soon) so I had some healthy snacks to take to work throughout the week.

On to our date! We thought we would let the date jar (more about that here) pick what we would do to celebrate on the Saturday and it threw out rock climbing! We have both bouldered/climbed before but not together so this was a nice first and a great active date that tied in with our fitness boost! So this was my rather unorthodox date outfit.

I had forgotten how hard bouldering is but I definitely noticed a difference in my ability thanks to all the upper body work I have been putting in over the last year. It was a great date though and really nice to spend time together doing something a bit different and also tackling a challenge together.

Our weekend was so busy that I have had to split this post into two – don’t want to bore you! Sunday was all about DIY and picking our goals for the cottage, I will post that soon. If you have had an unorthodox or adventurous date tell me about it in the comments below!


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