Weekend in the Shire (Part 2 DIY DAY)

If Saturday was date day then Sunday was DIY day. One of the very first things we had to do in our cottage was replace our boiler. We moved in 30 days before our wedding and 3 days before the wedding our boiler was condemned, as in don’t even think about turning it on you’re lucky it’s not blown up condemned. Ah. Not so convenient. So the day before the wedding (with my stress level already at DefCon 2) we had to meet Scottish Gas at the house and then agree to spend a LOT of money replacing our boiler and getting the installation organised whilst we were away on honeymoon – if any of you have planned a wedding then you know that doing this the day before is not ideal and if any of you are as Type A as me then you’ll know that I was not keen on this kind of work taking place whilst I wasn’t there!

However the whole point of this story was that when the boiler was replaced it was also re-sited which left us with a boiler shaped, very unattractive, patch on our wall, given that we live in a tiny cottage with limited space we thought we would take this opportunity to put a matching cupboard in this space. We thought (wrongly it turned out) that the cupboard was from IKEA so off we went to Glasgow and braved the hell that can be IKEA on a weekend. Luckily, the store was not too busy and we managed to get (almost) everything we went for: frames for my stairs photo project, candles, bags for logs, basket for kindling but… no cupboard, turns out it was from B&Q – which we picked up from our local store on the way home. Along with all the bits and pieces that we picked up we made a list of all the things we need to/want to do to the cottage and which I will share with you as it progresses and here is the list:  


– Quick fixes: Replace wall behind shower with wet wall (the wall is currently just papered and a bit of a nightmare obviously!) Replace the tiny mirror with a good sized bathroom mirror/cabinet to help with storage.

– End aim: Refit the bathroom with new fittings including replacing existing shower over bath with a separate shower cabinet.Remove part of rear windowsill to gain extra foot of space. Re-floor (we already replaced the carpet with an off cut of vinyl and got it professionally fitted because the carpet was awful with a capital A!). Redecorate. This end aim will be a few years off, once we have saved the money to do it!


Quick fixes: Fit new cupboard for extra storage. Re-paint to freshen. Replace extractor fan with new, less grimy looking model.

End Aim: Refit entire kitchen, install range cooker, replace kitchen door. Again, funnily enough, this project is a few years away!

Bedroom: Redecorate and replace carpet. Buy additional bedroom furniture. New curtains to match decor.

Flooring: We are lucky enough to have lovely wooden  floors throughout the house, however, they are bare boards and are in need of some major TLC i.e. a total resand and then sealed. We have been advised to do this after we redecorate and do other work but as this is a more affordable project we will probably do this pre-bathroom/kitchen refit and then ensure they are protected when those projects take place.

Redecorate: Luckily when we moved in the cottage was all neutrals so we haven’t had to make decisions too quickly in order to cover up awful wall colours but it does need a face lift and some fresh paint in every room so our first step is to pick paint colours – it’s probably a sign of age that I am actually excited about this prospect!

Spare bedroom: Re-carpet, redecorate and buy some more furniture to brighten up the space. Our spare bedroom is my guilty secret, it’s the only upstairs room we have and consequently it ends up being a storage room that allows the rest of the house to maintain the illusion of tidiness! Tidying this room and whipping it into shape is one of my main aims for this year in terms of the house.

I mentioned above that we have limited space in the cottage, living in a small country cottage can be incredibly cute but it does leave you with storage issues by the dozen. Since moving in we have had to get very inventive with how we use space and where we store things. I will share with you in future posts some of our solutions to making the most of our space, some of them have been more successful than others but hopefully they will help you out too!

So that was our very hectic weekend in the Shire, really busy after the previous weekend in London Town but brilliant nonetheless.

If you have your own home projects or date ideas that you would like to share then please do so below!


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