Weekend in the Shire – The importance of friends

woods image

This weekend was a brilliant weekend in the Shire! We took a break from cottage decor, cottage budgeting and minor DIY to meet up with friends, chill out and enjoy our home.

On Saturday we were off to a local loch (lake for my international readers, but not the one with the monster) and met with two friends and their dog, no this isn’t an intro to a bad joke. Whilst the boys rented a canoe and paddled off for an adventure the girls enjoyed a stroll in the beautiful Scottish scenery and found a great spot for tea and cake. It was fantastic just kicking back with one of my best friends and watching as the guys paddled up in their canoe, we had hoped for a small amusing capsize but they were far too competent for that. 

We then all motored back to the cottage for some movies and dinner – if you’ve never seen The Blindside (it’s one of my favourite films) I highly recommend renting it or just buy it because you will want to watch it again and again. If there was ever a feel good movie then this is it! Dinner was our go to easy cater recipe, chili with some home made guacamole on the side.

On Sunday we were joined for brunch by another two friends and having everybody together was fab. There really is nothing quite as good as hanging out with old friends (we’ve all known each other since school) and catching up on where we all are. So, how fun this weekend was just made me think about how much you get from keeping in touch with friends, yes keeping in touch with everybody in your life is an effort, but really in the age of mobiles, emails, FaceTime, it’s really not hard and I don’t think there is any greater pay off in life than having good friends! So if there is somebody in your life who you haven’t spoke to for a while, my challenge to you is get in touch with them this week because there’s nothing like friends… there must be a TV show in there somewhere!

Have a great week.


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