Weekend in the Shire – Wedding Anniversary!


My husband and I have just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we had such a lovely weekend so I thought I would share how we celebrated with you guys. Your first anniversary is paper which in terms of a gift proved more tricky than I had thought! However, even though we hadn’t collaborated our presents to each other were really complimentary which was fab. So if you are coming up on your first year of celebrating wedded bliss then here are a couple of ideas for you.

My present – reflecting on a wonderful first year

My idea changed slightly from its initial concept. My first idea was to do a book of vouchers, for example, voucher to get out of doing the washinb up when it’s your turn, voucher for breakfast in bed, voucher for a homemade cake that kind of thing. I was going to intersperse these with some fun memories from our first married year, however, when I got to writing down the memories there were so many that I decided to do a book of 52 memories from our first year. I bought some nice paper from paperchase and then cut it all to 1/3 A4 size. I also bought some pretty ribbon (I was looking for washi tape with hearts but couldn’t find any so went for a glitzy ribbon instead) I then stapled one end of the paper together so it looked like a cheque book – you will need to use a massive stapler for this, I borrowed one at work – 52 sheets is a lot of paper.

On each page of the book I then wrote a different memory, I tried to think of memories that were my take on an event so they weren’t necessarily too obvious to my husband or ones that wouldn’t necessarily come straight to his mind. I used three different metallic markers to mix up the design a bit. ¬†On page 52 I wrote “memory from our first wedding anniversary” and left a bit blank so we could write one in together – more on that in a minute!

His present – looking forward to the next year with a challenge

So my husband knows how much I love to plan and how much we both love trying out new things. With that in mind he came up with the most thoughtful gift. He bought Lonely Planets top 1000 adventures and then bookmarked his choices that he thought we could complete in the next year. To bookmark them he had bought some Mr Men, Mr Happy magnetic bookmarks and then gave me some Little Miss Sunshine markers to make my photo 1choices (I’m pretty sure his hand must have hovered over the Little Miss Bossy ones but he obviously opted for wedded bliss!) As well as the adventure book he also bought a lovely notebook for me to plan all our activities out in, he even got the notebook to fit with our wedding theme which was pheasant feathers, talk about attention to detail. He also bought such a cool book which I had never seen before (well I had never seen any) which had pages to make different lists (see pics below). He knows me very well, stationary, list making, adventures and organising (and all paper), pretty much the perfect present. It is also something that we can both share and do together.


My husband’s present has already had lots of use and we have planned out some great adventures including two cycle trips – cycling the South Downs Way in England and cycling the Spirit of Speyside¬†here in Scotland – around lots of distilleries.

photo 2

A whole book of lists!

For the memory we added together we drove to Gleneagles, a lovely 5 star hotel, for afternoon tea. This is no ordinary afternoon tea, you pretty much have to roll out of there afterwards, there is so much food. If you are ever in the vicinity I would highly recommend it but make sure you book months in advance, it books up quickly, I think we went totally Disney on it and booked 6 months in advance!

Magnetic bookmarks to highlight adventures we want to take.

Magnetic bookmarks to highlight adventures we want to take.

We had such a great anniversary and it was so good both to reminisce about the last year and plan some adventures together for the next. Definitely romantic. How did you celebrate your first anniversary? Do you have any fun first anniversary gift ideas?


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