Weekend in the Shire

Spring is in the air in the Shire

I absolutely love Spring. There’s something about this particular change in the seasons that I find really hopeful. With spring the year is still gearing up, you still have 75% of the year left to achieve your goals and the longer days are like a gift to help you do it. A bit like Christmas time too, I find Easter will naturally make me reflect and be thankful for everything I have in my life.  Such a positive attitude therefore really lead to a productive long Easter break weekend, bliss! We got so much done in the cottage, made some decisions about what we want to achieve next and spent some really good quality time together, let me tell you about it. 

Friday really was like a gift from heaven, Wednesday/Thursday at work had been hard core to say the least so having the Friday off was amazing. My husband also had the long weekend apart from a quick (very early) trip to the office which meant that as I was getting up just before eight he was already up and had made a special Easter weekend breakfast with two bunches of my favourites, tulips. Major husband brownie points! What a star. Friday we spent a lot of time pottering around the cottage, chilling out and watching some movies and of course collected Gus so we could enjoy the extra long weekend with him too.


Here he is sleeping on his bed…OK, it’s the sofa. Spoiled.

On Saturday I was really pleased to get my gallery wall up our stairs finished. I had bought  a mix of frames on a recent trip to IKEA and with a little help from Pinterest got those arranged. I will post a tutorial on how to create your own soon.  I love to have lots of photos from happy times around, in my date jar post I wrote about organising a photo album as a great date idea as you can reminisce about holidays and other happy times. The gallery wall let us go through our favourite honeymoon and wedding photos and pick those out. Lovely.

On Sunday we started bright and early to get to the Easter service. We like to go back to the church we got married in, it has such calm surroundings and it’s nice to take some time out of hectic lives to slow it down a bit and reflect. Our church also starts at 0930 so it’s a good way to get the most from your day. After church we went to our favourite farm shop for a special Easter brunch treat, there were even 1 week old baby chicks outside the front door to ooh and ahh at. Very cute and picture perfect Easter! The weather on Sunday was absolutely glorious so we took the opportunity to get our garden furniture out and enjoyed some cannolis brought back from the farm shop and a cup of tea out in the garden. Sitting in the sun, reading cookery books with my husband I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, totally peaceful.


Sunday afternoon was DIY central at the cottage, my husband’s parents came over to help us fit another cupboard to fill in a big gap in our kitchen. This process had started a couple of weeks ago but had been cut short due to some trauma with the discovery of a leaking pipe, deep joy. It was just a drain pipe from the old heating system but it hadn’t been capped and was dripping unseen by us. A quick call to Scottish Gas and a day spent working from home waiting for them and it was sorted but it had eaten into the time we had to do it. So three weeks later and with me going slightly crazy from how untidy the kitchen was, it was sorted. Lots more storage space, I no longer have to do battle with the tupperware cupboard and I can easily get to the fridge without shuffling around the carcass of a cupboard! Woo! To celebrate we had a lovely meal of cod on samphire with twice cooked potatoes and chorizo, I’ll post the super easy recipe soon.

Probably a rare statement but Monday morning was also great! I know, crazy! It started quite early because Gus likes to get up and at it so that he can then get straight into sleeping on the sofa or in the sun but in order to go back to sleep he must first wake up his humans. Our rude awakening did mean that we got out into the glorious morning weather and spent three solid hours in our garden, weeding and digging up huge amounts of nettle runners. Evil plants. We dug over the whole garden, with some help from my mum who was on hand to point out what was actually a weed and what was a plant – I’m pretty bad at just pulling up whatever! By the end of three hours in the “green gym” as my mum calls it, the garden was looking really spruced up but it had also given rise to another list(!), if you’ve read other posts on my blog you will know I love a good list. So we now have a shopping list of plants and garden equipment to buy.

All in all a very productive Easter weekend, why can’t every weekend be four days long?! Did you have a long Easter break? What did you get done? Any to do lists? do share in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in the Shire

  1. Love those flowers! They look gorgeous! I just recently bought a hydrangea plant and I really want to make sure to do everything I can to keep it alive and happy! Please share any gardening tips you might have.

    • Thanks for your comment Reshma! My Mum would probably laugh at me giving out gardening tips, I have to call on her! However I can tell you what she would say which would be to check its label (or online) for what it likes/needs. For example it may need plenty of watering if you live in a dry climate, or it may thrive. even in Scotland when we get sunny spells I need to water the plants. Usually when you plant something it does initially require a good drink to get it bedded in and keep it happy. I would also plant it in a nice sunny spot – there aren’t many plants that don’t like sunlight. Good luck!

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