Fabletics Review

fabletics review

This is a post that I have been meaning to write for months but better late than never!

I was given a three month subscription to Fabletics for a birthday present last year and having posted some of the outfits over on Instagram I was asked to review them, therefore I thought I would break down my review by pieces, design and service. 

Trousers – I am starting with the best because I LOVE my Fabletics workout trousers (just pictured above), they are seriously comfortable and really flattering as well. The material is also very thick so I know they are going to last a while. I have put mine through multiple washes and they all still look great. I wash them at 40°C and use antibacterial clothes wash so it saves me washing them at a higher heat and wrecking them. They also wick brilliantly. My favourites are the plain pairs I have but more on this in design.

In terms of value for money I think with a subscription these are definitely worth the cash – I wouldn’t be paying that much for work-out-gear out of pocket though (£35 as a member vs £65 to buy straight – err no!)

Tops – Not as good as the trousers, they tend to be cotton mix so they don’t wick as well and they are VERY thin. I have two black tanks, one white and then a stretch turquoise top (pictured in top pic). The stretch top is also very very low cut so I always wear my sports bra and then a patterned crop (also pictured) on top of that/below the top so I don’t feel like I’m on show!

The cotton mix tops are good because they fit on your shoulders and are then a bit looser over your tummy, great for jumping around and doing high intensity workouts when you aren’t keen on things jiggling for all to see…

I think there are probably better tops out there but as when I get Fabletics they come as a bundle then they are good to have and I do like some of the designs.

Designs – For comfort the designs are great and I really like that there is somewhere reliable to get gym clothes that look a bit different. Having said that my favourite trousers are still my plain black and plain grey trousers (Salar Leggings)! After those I really like my black/purple mix trousers (all 3 of these are more legging shape – see me in them on Instagram) and last would be the capris I have. I bought these because although they were black they had bright yellow zip pockets and I like the flash of colour. The downside to these is that because they are shorter I don’t think that they are as flattering – both coloured/patterned trousers are below.


When I got the stretch turquoise top (my favourite gym colour) it came with a turquoise mix crop top too which I really like to use to add a pop of colour below plain tops, these are definitely not “sports bras” if you have any size of chest at all but they are a nice extra layer!

The white/black striped looser workout top I have (again it’s on Instagram/below) is my favourite top, I think it’s really flattering and I like the design – obviously this is a mirror image but there is a hidden “F” for Fabletics in the design which is pretty cool.


Some of the Fabletics designs are way too out there for my taste but I think there is something for everybody’s taste.

Outfits and how it works – Each month I get an email saying they have “picked” outfits for me (based on a very cursory initial quiz) but if I don’t like those combos I can mix and match/change colours to my hearts content. One fly in the ointment is that often there is a popular pattern/colour/size combo and these go fast so you may not always get exactly what you want… If you don’t want anything that month then you can skip the month too and not be charged (you have 5 working days to remember – I forgot once hence why I have 4 outfits not 3…!).

I like that the outfits are often 3 pieces which means that along with the top and trousers you might get a crop top or as I once got a headband. I like both these pieces, the crop is fab (pardon the pun) for layering and the headband is great for running and curling – I use it every time!

There are also more expensive outfits but I have always gone for the standard £44 ones but there have been some with warmer outer layers that I have really fancied – if you’ve tried these comment below!

Service – I have never had any issues that have required me to test the Fabletics service and I have never had to return something as everything has been the right size etc so I don’t have much to review here. I have just kept the subscription and skip months that I don’t want anything so I haven’t had to cancel my account either which I know you can only do by calling – something I don’t find particularly convenient when you work full-time! The skip function definitely works and you don’t get charged if you do it in the right time.

Conclusion – I really like my Fabletics clothes, the Salar leggings get 10/10, for range of designs it is also a 10/10. I do think the tops aren’t as good quality – 6.5/10 and I don’t really want to comment on service as I haven’t had the opportunity to really test it.  I would definitely use them again and I do recommend them to you guys so give them a try. If you sign up using my links then I might get credit too so share the workout love :)

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