Tips for waking up and getting up!

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Over the last couple of years I have been teaching myself to be more of a “morning person” and wean myself off the comfort of my duvet. Not the most fun task ever! Plus being married to somebody who is so decidedly not a morning person makes this even harder. But! I think I am getting there, I now almost like getting up and getting going, the only tough bit is actually going from horizontal to vertical but the extra hours in your day make up for it. If you too struggle with getting up and about then here are my top tips for becoming a morning person. 

1. Hydrate
Waking up with what feels like a hangover when you haven’t had a drink for a week or more isn’t just unpleasant it is downright unfair! It is also not going to make you want to jump out of bed and into your day. Stay hydrated throughout the day and have a glass of water in the hours before bed (downing a glass as you get to bed is probably setting yourself up for a midnight bathroom break and that’s not ideal is it?!) If your brain is hydrated you will find it a lot easier to function when you get up – making it easier to navigate those pesky door frames etc

2. Write lists
This one is more about ensuring you get enough quality sleep to then get up the next day without feeling like death.  If before you go to sleep your mind is racing then write it all down, this will give you a better night’s sleep which in turn makes it easier to get up and at it!

3. Get organised the night before.
This one is about removing stress from your morning and thus making you dread them a little less!  Whether you are heading to the gym or to work get your clothes and food sorted the night before so you aren’t running around stressed.

4. Don’t lie in too long at the weekend.
I know, I know, I can hear you wailing, whaaat? BUT hear me out. If you lie in way past when you usually get up during the week at weekends then it will make Monday morning a lot worse. Try setting a Lumie alarm clock so you don’t get jarred awake by a buzzing alarm or don’t pull the black out blinds completely. When you start to wake up try hard not to just roll over for another hour or so. Getting up is also a double win, you get more hours in your weekend and your week days get easier!

5. Know when to call it quits.
I’m very guilty of “going to bed” at ten by this I mean, I leave the sitting room, then I wash up some mugs, then I tidy some stuff away, then pack my gym bag, then get gym clothes out, then brush my teeth, then… yeh you get the picture, then it’s eleven and I haven’t got into bed yet! There goes an hour of sleep. Know how long it takes you to get to bed and plan accordingly so you get 7-8 hours sleep.

6. Find your motivation.
You need a reason to get up every morning, that just goes for life in general but when it comes to shaking off that duvet it is especially relevant. Whether it’s getting a promotion or getting into shape at the gym or having a clean bathroom you need to have a reason to get out of bed and get going so find yours.

7. Simulate the sunrise.
I mentioned in point 4 that it’s a good idea to simulate a sunrise to help you get out of bed at the weekends but this goes during the week too. I use a Lumie alarm clock to help me wake up in the morning, it is especially helpful during winter when it’s pitch black and snowing. The gradual light releases a hormone in your brain that tells your body to wake up, a lot nicer than being shocked awake by your alarm (although I use both during the week!) The Lumie has made a HUGE difference to how I feel in the morning, I love mine.

8. Control your environment/prepare for it.
If you really hate mornings then you probably don’t particularly like dealing with noise, bright lights…people. This could be a particularly challenging mindset if you’re a commuter so start finding a way to deal with what your mornings have to throw at you. Have a favourite playlist so you can block out noise and/or look forward to the next chapter of the book you are reading. Find a way to turn the morning experience you dread into something to look forward to and it will make getting out of bed easier. If you drive and get stuck in traffic find a favourite radio station or use the time to plan your next holiday in your head. Life is too short to hate such a large part of your week, so reconfigure your experience!

I hope these can help you get your own mornings off to a better and brighter start! Let me know how you get on if you’re going to try some. If you have any of your own favourite tips leave them in the comments section!

***Update 2017*** This is one of the most popular posts on my blog so I have done a little update about how I fit in a workout before work and enjoy working out at 0630, have a read here!






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